Increasing temperatures and salinity result in decreased ecosystem diversity, UBC study finds.

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Partnership Goals & Objectives

The goal of the 6-year Partnership, “Solving the Sustainability Challenges at the Food-Climate-Biodiversity Nexus” (Solving-FCB), is to support and facilitate the development of viable FCB solutions that explicitly consider their complex social and ecological contexts. The Solving-FCB Partnership brings together world-leading scholars and practitioners from academic institutes, inter-governmental and non-governmental organizations, and government agencies to undertake transdisciplinary research that examines policies and human actions at the intersection of achieving food security, climate mitigation and biodiversity conservation goals.


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The Partnership is grounded on five case studies that focus on FCB challenges under a range of societal and environmental contexts. Through case studies in Canada, China, Costa Rica, Ghana/Nigeria and the Netherlands, the Partnership aims to elucidate specific policy-related questions under different decision-making contexts. Although independent of each other, the case studies align in their common exploration of visions and pathways to achieve FCB goals.

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