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9th World Fisheries Congress

9th World Fisheries Congress

March 3–9, 2024.

Seattle, Washington, USA

Presenter: William Cheung, The University of British Columbia

This section provides a platform for an international and interdisciplinary panel to discuss the development of marine and aquatic food-climate-biodiversity solutions that explicitly consider their complex social and ecological contexts.

The panel will highlight case studies in Canada, China, Costa Rica, Nigeria/Ghana and the Netherlands to elucidate different potential pathways towards achieving food security, climate mitigation and biodiversity conservation goals. These pathways include Indigenous reconciliation (Canada), aquaculture (China), land-sea interactions (Costa Rica), eliminating IUU fishing (Nigeria/Ghana) and circular economic (the Netherlands).

These case studies will also illuminate the diverse social, economic, political, cultural and ecological contexts of food-climate-biodiversity challenges and the commonality and differences in their solutions. Panelists from Canada, China, and Costa Rica will discuss how their experiences and knowledge can be integrated to generate the knowledge needed to develop viable pathways to solve nexus challenges, and transfer this knowledge to inform policy-making.

Past Events

UNFCCC COP27: Virtual Side Event

Thursday 10 November 2022, 09:00-10:30 (GMT)


Small Island Developing States (SIDS) are among the countries that suffer disproportionately the most from the impacts of climate change. Increased climate resilience and efforts in SIDS is necessary as their existence and survival is to large extent intertwined with the ocean. Aquatic Foods have an important and growing role in nutrition and food security, and high relevance to island communities.

This event will present data and key findings of novel studies commissioned by FAO on climate change impacts on marine resources harvested in SIDS and their implications for nutrition and food security, as well as on the distinct coastal conditions and hazards, and relevant areas for adaptation interventions in SIDS. A panel of experts will discuss responses and opportunities to address climate vulnerabilities and increase resilience of aquatic food production and hazards along the coastlines of SIDS.

Solving-FCB’s Dr William Cheung will present on Coastal fisheries resources under climate scenarios.