Dr. Ahmed Khan

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Affiliation: African Development Bank Group

Dr. Khan, with a background in fisheries economics and trade, global seafood value chains, coastal governance, and global change, brings over a decade of experience to the field. Specializing in applied policy research, his expertise encompasses natural resource management, environmental planning, spatial economics, climate change adaptation, and institutional responses within the blue economy. Ahmed employs both conceptual and analytical tools to understand and implement best management practices, ensuring the sustainability of life support systems at local, regional, and global scales.

As a self-described “global citizen with a profound sense of Ubuntu and a shared understanding of the inter-connectedness of life”, Ahmed thrives on interdisciplinary collaboration. His extensive network includes partnerships with governments, civil society, and the private sector, broadening the horizons of his work. Ahmed has contributed to publications in various reputable books and journals, including Ambio, Bioeconomics, Coastal Management, Climate Policy, Fisheries Research, Marine Policy, Sustainability, Regional Environmental Change, and Science.

Currently, Ahmed serves as the coordinator for the Blue Economy Flagship and oversees the fisheries portfolio under the Feed Africa Strategy at the AfDB, demonstrating his commitment to driving impactful initiatives at the intersection of economics and sustainability.