Dr. Kristin Kleisner

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Affiliation: Environmental Defense Fund

Dr. Kleisner is the Associate Vice President of Oceans Science with the Environmental Defense Fund. She is dedicated to investigating the science behind integrating spatial and rights-based management strategies to achieve sustainable fisheries globally. Leveraging bio-economic and climate models, she explores the potential for fisheries management to enhance the biomass, harvest, and profits of fisheries. Additionally, Kristin delves into the implications of climate change on fish stock distribution and its consequences for effective fisheries management.

Background: Prior to her role at EDF, Kristin served as a joint research scientist for NOAA’s Northeast Fisheries Science Center and The Nature Conservancy, focusing on the impact of climate change on fish distributions in New England. She also held a postdoctoral fellowship for the Sea Around Us Project at the University of British Columbia, contributing to the development of indicators for marine ecosystem health and fisheries status for global projects, including the Ocean Health Index. Kristin’s research is grounded in quantitative stock assessment theory, spatial statistics, and ecosystem assessments. Currently, she serves as a commissioner for the Boston City Conservation Commission.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Climate change and fisheries
  • Bio-economic modeling
  • Indicators of ocean health and fisheries status