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Professor Chan holds the Canada Research Chair in Toxicology and Environmental Health. He studies the exposure of chemical contaminants found in the diet and the environment, particularly among Indigenous Peoples. Dr. Chan assesses the effects of these contaminants on ecosystem health and human health and develops new tools for risk assessment. In the laboratory, he uses different models, and biochemical techniques to better understand how chemicals affect the biological functions of wildlife and humans. His goal is to develop effective tools and programs for the management and promotion of environmental health for human populations.

With Solving-FCB, Dr. Chan will lead the Canada case study, which will support Tla’amin Nation priorities by conducting research that designs and investigates climate action plans which also strengthen the Nation’s governing positions in reference to Title and Treaty rights and the self-determination of the Nation.

Practically, this will involve identifying seafood governance systems that:

  1. Help revitalize traditional governing authority,
  2. Elevate, use and reflect Tla’amin knowledge of the marine territory and the potentialto adapt to climate and environmental changes, and
  3. Integrate related knowledge and traditional governing laws to climateadaptation decision-making processesand tools.

His group will conduct collaborative modeling for this in reference to primary fisheries stocks as governed by Tla’amin traditional laws for use and restraint as they monitor returns of particular species and in conjunction with the Nation’s research on hatchery benefits, as well as stream and restoration programs. The case study will examine the consequences of these food systems’ transformation on Indigenous culture, biodiversity conservation and climate mitigation and adaptation.

Research Interests: Indigenous governance on traditional food system and adaptations for climate change