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Basic income could solve global poverty and stop environmental destruction, study finds

Originally posted at oceans.ubc.ca. Providing a basic income could boost global gross domestic product (GDP) by $US163 trillion while acting to curb environmental degradation, UBC research has found. An analysis of 186 countries found that providing basic income, or regular, set payments to all adults in the world, could boost global GDP by about 130 … Read more

Rashid Sumaila named one of the most influential Africans in 2023

Solving-FCB co-director Dr. Rashid Sumaila has been named one of the most influential Africans in 2023 by the premier magazine New African. This comes after an award-heavy year including winning the Tyler Prize alongside Dr. Daniel Pauly and the Prince Albert I Medal. From New African Magazine: Professor Rashid Sumaila, the Canada-based research chair in … Read more

“Who stands to benefit?” To engage in deep-sea mining or not. Not, say international scientists

Deep sea mining will produce far too little benefits for the harm it will cause. That is the result of an analysis by marine scientists and policy experts from around the globe, led by Solving-FCB Co-Director Dr. Rashid Sumaila.

Ghana & Nigeria Case Study: Overview

Article by Jacqueline Boivin. This article serves as an overview and introduction to Solving-FCB’s Africa Case study, based in Ghana & Nigeria. Figure 1: FAO data of fish consumption in Ghana from 1961-2017. The factors leading to a decrease in overall fish production are complex. Wisdom explains that these factors include the following:   These factors … Read more

Event – Vanishing Fish: The Fight for Global Ocean Justice

Originally posted on the Sea Around Us website. Three leading environmental thinkers discuss the global fight for ocean justice, in a world grappling with the impacts of overfishing and climate change. They will also discuss the ‘ call to end fishing on the high seas – as well as reflect on the Tyler Prize, which … Read more

For a prosperous Blue Economy, everyone must be involved

Women and marginalized groups must be a part of decision-making processes in a Blue Economy This article was originally posted at oceans.ubc.ca. Image by Siggy Nowak from PixabayDiversity, equity, and inclusion are central to creating sustainable marine environments and economies, but have yet to be fully considered. A recent study sought to understand why these … Read more