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Through 5 case studies in Canada, China, Costa Rica, Ghana & Nigeria, and the Netherlands, The Solving-FCB Partnership aims to:

  1. Develop diverse visions of ‘desirable’ futures of food, climate and biodiversity;
  2. Identify priorities and examine consequences of actions in order to build nexus-informed pathways for transforming and transitioning to sustainability in terms of food security, climate mitigation and biodiversity conservation;
  3. Develop procedures and toolkits for implementing the nexus approach in FCB and other sustainability challenges. The case studies align in their common exploration of pathways to inform human decisions to achieve FCB goals.

The case studies also illuminate the diverse social, economic, political, cultural and ecological contexts of FCB challenges and the commonality and differences in their solutions.

The Partnership’s methodology strongly focuses on facilitating stake-, knowledge- and rights- holders’ participation, and engaging in diverse knowledge practices.

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