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DateIn AttendancePresentation Details
October 3-7Sumaila, URTrade and the Blue Economy (link), day 5.
August 26.Sumaila, UR.Una economía para el futuro de los océanos. Puerto de Ideas Festival, Concepción, Chile.
August 9Sumaila, UR.Canada’s oceans and coasts – Pathways to sustainability in a sea of change. PROBUS Vancouver.
August 03.Sumaila, UR.The Recent WTO Agreement on Fisheries Subsidies – What does this mean for low and middle-income countries? Worldfish HQ, Penang, Malaysia.
July 21.Sumaila, UR.IIFET2022 closing conference, Vigo, Spain.
June 28.Sumaila, UR.Our Ocean Future: Empowering the Next Generation of Ocean Leaders. UN Ocean Conference 2022. Online, Lisbon, PT.
June 26.Sumaila, UR; Cheung, WWL; Villasante, S; Issifu, I.Science Symposium: Fisheries Management is Climate Action – Science, Cocktails, Dive, Breakfast. UN Ocean Conference. 
June 25.Sumaila, UR.In Conversation With: Rashid Sumaila. How much is that fish in the ocean? Oceans economics and the quest to attain infinity fish. Part of “In Conversation With” Series, SSHRC.
June 19.Sumaila, UR.The Elisabeth Mann Borgese Ocean Lecture 2022. Keynote speaker. 
June 09.Cheung, WWL; Sumaila, UR.Session: THE BLUE ECONOMY: Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystem for Foods. Genome British Columbia, 2022 Annual Genomics Forum.