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On the 2nd of November, 2023, many project members met on Zoom to catch up and share our activities since the last meeting. These are updates from each of the case studies.


  • There’s been a series of meetings at Climate Action
  • UVic – attempting to involve students from Tla’amin
  • Brian Thom – mentions they have visited Tla’amin fisheries and can see first hand how climate change is impacting supply
  • Nicole Meier
    • talks about 25 Goals – Goal 19 = Food security
    • Food security goals for Nation include:
      • training
      • better access to traditional foods
  • William – he likes to see this collaboration with the Tla’amin Nation

Costa Rica

  • University of Costa Rica approved project; finally received funding
  • Astrid – is working on gender perspectives
  • Ingo Wehrtmann > is working with NGOs
  • Tayler Clarke:
    • they found new modeling partners > a group of researchers and a PhD student
    • PhD student will put together a hydrological model > next step is to plug into climate model > and then integrate hydrological model with Gulf of Nicoya and river system to begin land-sea connection modeling
    • the project team is now working together with NGOs
    • modeling = key theme
  • Cristina / Juliano / Tayler


  • they are finalizing legal / admin aspects > looking good
  • starting to hire PhD students soon > next year will be starting
  • they will look at existing scenarios to develop new ones
    • food production, agriculture, biodiversity, climate
    • future of agriculture – current debate in Netherlands
    • 3.5 meters sea level rise predicted
    • eco-mining and relationships
    • PBL – will start next year / new futures
    • case study team will act as a bridge
  • Solen Le Clec’h:
    • sent out a draft survey
    • expectations + needs with respect to modeling
    • she’s finalizing the survey and preparing a workshop


  • No updates.


  • Temitope Sogbanmu
    • works is progressing, but is still early stages.
    • research specific to Nigeria and Lagos
    • working with an MSc student, but data is not available on Open Access
    • they created a Word document of progress and a list of stakeholders
    • IUU / Plastic pollution
  • Rashid:  spoke of conference where VP of Ghana will be attending
  • Ibrahim wrote a paper on Blue Economy with Rashid (about inequalities)
    • West Africa fishing activities – paper submitted to Sustainability
    • working on distant water fishing fleets in West Africa; exploitation
  • Senankpon Tcheton
    • about to submit a funding application
  • Ayodele Oloko
    • she’s working on a proposal
    • IUU / climate change > doesn’t see the gender dimension
    • mentions about Costa Rica
      • Ayodele spoke with Astrid. They are discussing about the gender dimension in every project. They hope to see more questions being asked of – “what is the impact of this constraint [climate change] on women Fisher folk?”

Other Updates

  • Garry Peterson
    • Discusses collaboration with Laura P.
  • Aleah Wong – Solving FCB MSc student
    • she submitted a manuscript to Ocean Sustainability
    • Chapter 1 on Thesis completed – focuses on FCB components
    • Rashid comments that this is the first paper that focuses on the FCB mandate
  • Lydia & Louise Teh
    • are doing a literature review – work in progress
    • different types of FCB scenarios used in coastal ecosystems
  • Juliano Palacios Abrantes
    • RCP 4.5 for modeling work – they’re working with the data from the Earth system models for the RCP 4.5 pathway. This is technically the one that represents a middle ground emissions scenario.
    • he’s incorporating MPAs into modeling work and global analysis (from Eastern Tropical Pacific phase through Tropical Pacific with Tayler Clarke)
  • Julia Mason
    • blue food and Paris agreements & Ghana workshops
    • project that Stanford Centre for Ocean Solutions is funding around analyzing and advising how blue aquatic foods can contribute to national determined contributions under the Paris Agreement.
    • working on some potential workshops, maybe next year around Blue Foods, sustainable fisheries and these sustainable ocean plans and carbon contributions such as Blue Carbon
  • Duncan Burnside and Jacqueline Boivin
    • they’re working on updating bios for the website and a Google Scholars project.