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Solving-FCB has organized a Topical Collection with Discover Oceans (Springer Nature, APC Free) on “Ocean Sustainability Challenges at the Food-Climate-Biodiversity Nexus” and it is currently welcoming submissions.

If you are interested in preparing a manuscript for consideration as part of this Topical Collection, please email Dr. William Cheung and he will be happy to provide further detail. Submissions will be welcomed at any point up until 31st March 2024.

To submit your manuscript for consideration at Discover Oceans as part of this Collection, please follow the steps detailed on this page.

To ensure a sustainable and secure future for ocean biodiversity and humans, decisions about marine resource use and societal well-being must be aligned with the ocean’s capacity to provide the essential ecosystem services, into the distant future. A major challenge for envisioning desirable and sustainable ocean futures is to find a just, equitable and culturally-sensitive way to feed and nourish the current and future human population while achieving biodiversity conservation and climate mitigation goals.

This Topical Collection invites submissions across different disciplines and geographical scales to discuss ocean sustainability challenges at the food-climate-biodiversity (FCB) nexus. We particularly encourage submissions in (but not limited to) the following areas : (1) understanding the interactions between food security/sovereignty, climate mitigation/adaptation and biodiversity conservation; (2) envisioning the future oceans in the context of sustainability at the nexus of food-climate-biodiversity; (3) exploring FCB nexus-informed pathways for ocean management; (4) identifying ways to support decisions and policies to address sustainability challenges at the FCB nexus. The goal of this Special Collection is to mobilize knowledge, stimulate discussions and inspire new ideas and initiatives to address current and anticipated future ocean food-climate-biodiversity challenges.